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Problem Areas

One in four people in any given year will be affected by mental health problems.  This may be the result of long standing issues or more recent events or often, is a combination of these things.  We all try our best to cope with difficult experiences but unfortunately sometimes the way we cope can lead to problems too.  Sometimes we have run out of ways coping and feeling stuck and overwhelmed. We all need some extra help at times like this.

I can offer you psychological therapy to help if you are experiencing problems relating to:



Low self esteem

Self harming or self destructive behaviours

Substance misuse

Dual diagnosis (mental health and substance misuse)

Obsessive compulsive disorder

Post traumatic stress disorder

Complex trauma

Personality Issues


These problems tend to be linked and people often experience one or more of these issues.   I have found that trying to separate them out is not always helpful.  Understanding how they fit together can be far more useful and facilitates the process of making changes.